8 Ways to Stay Calm During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Hey all,

I hope you are all in good health upon reading this blog entry. We are facing uncharted territory in the world, right now. This has undoubtedly sparked a lot of fear, anxiety, and even depression in many of us. Even if you do not suffer from a mental health issue, this situation is likely causing moderate to severe levels of stress. 

In the guide you get access to these FREE apps so you can:
1-Get buff: Nike, CARROT, Down Dog (yoga), Centr, & more!
2-Watch some TV: Hulu, SlingTV, PlexTV but not all day!
3-Read: Apple’s free Collection, Vividbooks
4-Learn: a language, Piano, to Sing, and more.
5-Video chat w/friends & family: RingCentral, Caribou, Zoom, Rave
6-Practice self-care: HeadSpace iOS (for Healthcare) Android,
Meditate, Mass General’s Resources, Aura app, Moodpath
7-Journal: writing about worries/fears can reduce their power.
8-Schedule/Check your appointments w/Dr. Jon Chandler.

Cover-How to Stay Calm During the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)


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About medicalpsych

Dr. Jon Chandler is a Licensed Medical (Prescribing) Psychologist serving the Greater New Orleans, Louisiana area.

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