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Cranial Nerves Mnemonic (Dirty)

Okay, so there are tons of Cranial Nerve Mnemonics out there. Some PG and others X rated. Memory is a funny thing because I tend to remember the dirty ones. In fact: the dirtier, the better. Make what you will from that. Either way, here is the one I use and it never fails me:

Oh (Olfactory) Oh (Optic) Oh (Oculomotor) To (Trochlear) Touch (Trigeminal) A (Abducent) Female (Facial) Vagina (Vestibularcochlear) Gives (Glossopharyngeal) Verne (Vagus) A (Accessory) Hard-on (Hypoglossal)

I know… It’s horrible!! But it’s SO horrible, I remember it every time! And it goes right along with the Nerve Function Mnemonic:

Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Breasts Matter More (S=Sensory, M=Motor, B=Both)


Dr. Jon Chandler

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